Amsterdam 3.2.9

Autom Mate Amsterdam Edition v3.2.9 Release Notes

Highlights of this release


  • Flow Designer performance issue

  • HTTP Status code updates completed under actions of Restful Web Service library

  • [CLOUD] Data Storage save issue fixed related with "Email - Save Attachments, Excel - Export to CSV, Text - Save" actions.

  • OAuth Refresh token issue occurred by webhook and api type of automs has been fixed.


  • Added 17 new Datatable actions (Transform actions)

  • Added 14 new Number functions

  • Autom Mate library improvement (Call Autom Action)

  • Status-Code field is added on a header of restful web service response.


  • Flow module names are changed on the left sidebar.

  • Type of Value to Assign field of Assign action under Number library is changed.

  • Vault page redesigned.

  • Advanced Log retention period has been increased to 90 days.

Flow Designer Performance Issue

The slowness of user movements in the interface after adding more than a certain number of actions to the Flow Designer page has been fixed.

HTTP Status Code Updates Completed Under Actions of Restful Web Service Library

The bug related to the process continuing when the response http status code values from the actions of the Restful Web Services library are 4xx and 5xx has been fixed.

[CLOUD] Data Storage Save Issue Fixed

The file saving problem experienced in the following actions on data storage has been fixed.

Library NameAction Name


Export to CSV


Save Attachment



OAuth Refresh Token Issue Occurred by Webhook & API Type of Autom is Fixed

The OAuth refresh token issue in application actions in webhook or API type automs has been fixed.

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