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This document delineates the seamless integration feature within Autom Mate, empowering users to invoke and incorporate the functionality of another flow within a related automation process.

This feature facilitates a sophisticated approach to workflow orchestration, allowing for modular design and reusability of automation components. By calling external flows, users can augment the capabilities of their existing workflows without compromising efficiency or integrity.

Using the Integration

Detail the systematic procedure for invoking another flow and configuring input parameters within a related flow.


  • Access the related flow within Autom Mate where integration with another flow is desired.

  • Introduce a dedicated action or step designated for calling an external flow.

  • Select the target Autom (flow) from the provided list, thereby establishing the invocation link.

  • Configure input parameters in accordance with the predefined requirements of the invoked flow, ensuring seamless data exchange and compatibility.

How To Use

Illustrate a practical use case to elucidate the application of the integration feature.


  • Consider a scenario where an existing automation flow manages the dispatch of email notifications to customers upon placement of new orders.

  • To enhance this process, an additional step is required to assess customer eligibility for promotional discounts based on their historical purchase data.

  • By invoking a specialized "Check Eligibility" flow within the existing automation, users seamlessly integrate eligibility assessment into the order fulfillment process.

  1. Best Practices

    Purpose: Offer strategic recommendations for optimizing the utilization of the integration feature.


    • Conduct thorough analysis and comprehension of the invoked flow's purpose and input parameters prior to integration.

    • Configure input parameters meticulously, aligning with the specific data requirements of the invoked flow to ensure precision and accuracy.

    • Rigorously test the integration within a controlled environment to validate functionality and robustness before deployment.

  2. Conclusion

    Purpose: Conclude the documentation and encapsulate key insights.


    • The integration capability within Autom Mate represents a pivotal advancement in workflow orchestration, empowering users with unprecedented flexibility and agility in automation design. By seamlessly invoking external flows and harmonizing disparate components, Autom Mate transcends conventional boundaries, fostering a paradigm shift towards modular and scalable automation architectures.

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