This document outlines the integration between Automate and the Function Feature, explaining how Automate enhances functionality through predefined functions.

The collaboration between Automate and the Function Feature enables users to leverage predefined functions seamlessly, enhancing workflow capabilities and productivity.

What is the Function Feature?

Overview of the Function Feature: The Function Feature provides users with a library of predefined functions that can be easily integrated into actions within Automate.

Key Features:

  • Predefined functions for enhanced functionality

  • Easy integration within actions

  • Streamlined workflow automation

Automate Integration with the Function Feature

Overview of Integration: Automate seamlessly integrates with the Function Feature, allowing users to incorporate predefined functions into their workflow actions.

Examples of Automated Tasks:

  • Utilizing predefined functions for data manipulation

  • Implementing conditional logic using predefined functions

How To Use Feature

The Function Feature allows users to leverage predefined functions within their workflow actions.

This action facilitates enhanced functionality and automation capabilities within Automate workflows.


  1. Navigate to the message or command space within the action control center.

  2. Write 'fn.' to access the predefined functions.

  3. Select the desired function from the dropdown menu.


  • None (Function parameters may vary based on selected function)


  • Results or responses generated by the selected function.

Example Steps:

  • Define number 1 and number 2 first.

  • After that assign those numbers as random number selection.

  • After assigned the random numbers, you can use the fn. feature to sum those two number at the value to assign section.

  • After that you can create a display message to convert those sum as $. To do that you can use fn. ToCurrency feature.

  • As a result, you sum random two numbers and define them as currency.

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