Time Management


The 'Time Management' component in Autom Mate is designed to control the timing of actions within a workflow. This feature ensures precise execution of actions at specified times, allowing users to schedule tasks and manage application timing effectively.

The primary purpose of the 'Time Management' component is to introduce delays and time-based controls in the workflow. By incorporating time-based actions, users can orchestrate the flow of operations, trigger actions at specific intervals, and synchronize tasks with external events.

What is Time Management?

The 'Time Management' component provides the ability to introduce delays and time-based triggers within a workflow. This includes actions such as delaying the execution of subsequent actions, scheduling tasks for future execution, and controlling the timing of operations.

Key Features

  • Delay Action:

    • Introduce a delay in the workflow execution for a specified duration.

How To Use

Delay Action

Description: The 'Delay' action is used to pause the workflow execution for a specified period of time.


  1. Drag and Drop:

    • Place the 'Delay' action below the action you want to delay.

    • This ensures that the specified delay occurs after the preceding action.

  2. Set Delay Time:

    • Enter the desired time duration in milliseconds.

    • For reference, 1 second equals 1000 milliseconds.


If you want an action to occur 5 seconds after a preceding action:

  • Drag the 'Delay' action below the preceding action.

  • Set the delay time to 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds).

Advanced Usage

Best Practices

  • Sequencing Actions:

    • Use the 'Delay' action to sequence actions at specific intervals.

  • Scheduling Tasks:

    • Schedule tasks for future execution by specifying delay times.

  • Event Synchronization:

    • Synchronize actions with external events or conditions using delays.

Additional Tips

Use Cases

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


With this action, if there is a need of delay before continuing on the flow actions it makes possible to wait for time that we define.

In the action, it is mandatory to define the field with milliseconds.

For example, in the below screenshot we are adding 1 minute of delay with 60000 milliseconds.

It can be used like this to wait between actions.

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