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This document outlines the integration between Autom Mate and Microsoft Teams, enabling users to automate tasks and enhance collaboration within the Teams platform.

Autom Mate streamlines processes within Microsoft Teams by providing pre-built actions for automated task execution and improved communication.

What is Microsoft Teams?

An overview of Microsoft Teams, highlighting its core functionalities and benefits in facilitating team collaboration and communication.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform designed to bring teams together, fostering communication and enabling seamless collaboration on projects. It offers features such as instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and various collaboration tools.

Key Features:

  • Instant Messaging

  • Video Conferencing

  • File Sharing

  • Collaboration Tools

Autom Mate Integration with Microsoft Teams

Description of how Autom Mate enables automation of tasks within Microsoft Teams using pre-built actions.

Overview of Integration: Autom Mate integrates with Microsoft Teams to automate workflows and streamline task execution within the platform. This integration enhances efficiency and communication among team members.

Examples of Automated Tasks:

  • Sending meeting notifications

  • Reminding team members of tasks

  • Sharing project updates

Using the Integration


Steps to establish a secure connection between Autom Mate and Microsoft Teams using credentials.

How to Create Credentials:

  1. Navigate to Autom Mate's Vault under Management.

  2. Select "Microsoft Teams" from the integrations list.

  3. Enter the required credentials, such as API keys or access tokens, to establish a secure connection.

How To Use Actions

Send Card

Description: Create and send a card to Microsoft Teams for displaying organized information.

Purpose: To notify team members of meetings, tasks, or project updates in a visually enriched format.


  1. Select "Send Card" action in Autom Mate.

  2. Specify the card type (e.g., "Meeting," "Task Reminder").

  3. Provide card details including text, images, and relevant content.

  4. Optionally assign any response to a variable for further processing.


  • Card Type

  • Card Details

  • Assign Response to variable (optional)


  • Confirmation of card sent

  • Assigned response (if applicable)

Send Message

Description: Send a specific text or message to Microsoft Teams for instant communication.

Purpose: To facilitate quick updates, announcements, or queries within the team.


  1. Choose "Send Message" action in Autom Mate.

  2. Enter the message to be sent to Teams.

  3. Specify if the message contains a question (Yes/No).

  4. Optionally assign any response to a variable for further processing.


  • Message

  • Is Question (Yes/No)

  • Assign Response to variable (optional)


  • Confirmation of message sent

  • Assigned response (if applicable)

Additional Tips

Use Cases

Highlight common scenarios where the Autom Mate-Microsoft Teams integration can be beneficial.

  • Meeting Reminders: Send automated meeting notifications to team members.

  • Task Management: Remind team members of upcoming tasks or deadlines.

  • Project Updates: Share project progress and updates with the team.

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