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The Data Manager in Autom Mate provides a user-friendly interface for efficient data handling, especially in application integrations. It simplifies data management within your process designs, allowing you to access and organize fields seamlessly.

The primary purpose of the Data Manager is to streamline the process of accessing and managing fields within applications. It enhances user convenience by offering a centralized location to view, add, and map fields required for executing actions in various applications.

Key Features

Accessing Application Fields

The Data Manager facilitates easy access to fields within applications when configuring actions in your flows. When you drag and drop an action from the library onto the flow screen, specific parameters need to be processed within the configuration form to execute the action.


Suppose you want to "view a request" in the 4me application:

  1. Drag the relevant action from the "apps" library onto the flow screen.

  2. Select the credentials to access the 4me application.

  3. Enter the "request ID" you wish to view.

On the right-hand side, default fields appear for parameter entry. To add new fields to this section, the Data Manager provides a comprehensive list of all available fields for "viewing a request" within 4me.

The Data Manager includes a search function to quickly locate specific fields needed for configuring actions. Users can use the search button to find and select the desired field, enhancing efficiency in configuration.

Hierarchy Management

Data Manager follows a hierarchical structure aligned with the flow design screen. The sequencing between start and stop actions within the Data Manager is crucial for mapping data between different actions in the flow.


  1. Viewing a Request in 4me

    • Select the 4me action and configure the parameters.

    • Data Manager displays relevant fields for "viewing a request" in 4me.

  2. Creating an Issue in Jira Based on 4me Request

    • Drag the "create issue" action for Jira under the 4me action.

    • Configure Jira credentials and project details on the right.

    • Data Manager now shows fields related to Jira.

Since the Jira action comes after the 4me action in the flow, Data Manager helps map the response from 4me to be used as input in Jira. Users can add new field parameters in Jira while using fields from 4me for mapping.

How To Use Features

Accessing Fields for Configuration

  1. Drag and drop the desired action onto the flow screen.

  2. Configure the action parameters on the right.

  3. Use the Data Manager to view, add, or search for specific fields required for the action.

  4. Map fields between actions in the flow for data transfer and processing.

Mapping Fields between Actions

  1. Ensure the sequence of actions reflects the desired flow of data.

  2. Use Data Manager to map fields from previous actions as inputs for subsequent actions.

  3. Add new field parameters and customize field mappings as needed.

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