This document provides a brief overview of the integration between Automate and PowerShell, explaining how PowerShell scripts can be executed to automate processes using PowerShell library actions.

The integration enables users to execute PowerShell scripts within Automate, facilitating automation of various tasks.

What is PowerShell?

Overview of PowerShell: PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language. It is designed to automate system administration tasks and streamline management processes.

Key Features:

  • Script Execution: Execute PowerShell scripts to perform tasks.

  • Variable Assignment: Assign output of scripts to variables for further processing.

  • Flexible Script Handling: Supports selection of script files or direct entry of PowerShell commands.

Automate Integration with PowerShell

Overview of Integration: Automate integrates with PowerShell to execute scripts and automate various tasks within workflows.

Examples of Automated Tasks:

  • Running PowerShell scripts to perform system administration tasks.

  • Automating configuration changes using PowerShell commands.

  • Integrating PowerShell scripts into complex automation workflows.

Using the Integration


How to Create Credentials: No specific credentials are required for executing PowerShell scripts within Automate.

Data Management

Purpose: N/A

Content: No data management steps are required for executing PowerShell scripts within Automate.

How To Use Actions

Run Action

Description: Execute a PowerShell script.

Purpose: Execute PowerShell scripts to perform automation tasks.


  1. Select the Script variable defined in the PowerShell Open action configuration.

  2. Choose a PowerShell script file or enter PowerShell commands in the PowerShell Opened field.

  3. Assign the output of the PowerShell script to a variable for further processing.


  • Script Variable

  • PowerShell Script or Commands


  • Output of the PowerShell Script

Additional Tips

Use Cases

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