Queue Management in Automate enables users to execute multiple flows in a specific order. Users can organize flows into pools, where each pool represents a collection of flows to be executed sequentially.

The primary purpose of Queue Management is to facilitate the orderly execution of flows, ensuring that they run in the desired sequence as defined by the user.

What is Queue Management?

Queue Management involves creating pools, each containing a set of flows to be executed in order. This helps streamline workflow processes and ensures efficient task execution.

Key Features

  • Queue Pools: Organize flows into distinct pools for sequential execution.

  • Edit and Delete: Modify or remove existing queue pools as needed.

  • Autom Listing: View the list of automs included in each queue pool.

  • Creation and Editing: Easily create new queue pools and modify existing ones.

Usage of the Feature

Queue Pools

Description: Queue Pools are collections of flows organized to run in a specific order. All created queue pools are listed for easy management.


  1. Pool Name: Identifies the queue pool.

  2. Description: Provides details about the purpose of the queue pool.

  3. Number of Automs: Displays the count of automs included in the pool.

  4. Created on: Shows the creation timestamp of the queue pool.

  5. Updated on: Indicates the last update timestamp of the queue pool.


  • Edit: Modify the details of an existing queue pool.

  • Delete: Remove a queue pool from the list.

Adding Queue Pool

Description: Create a new queue pool to organize and run flows in a specific order.


  1. Add Queue Pool:

    • Click the "Add Queue Pool" button on the Queue Pool page.

    • A pop-up with two steps will appear.

  2. Step 1: Create Pool ID:

    • Enter a unique name for the queue pool.

    • Provide a description detailing the purpose of the pool.

    • Click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

  3. Step 2: Select Automs:

    • Select the automs to be included in this queue pool.

    • Available automs not assigned to other pools will be listed.

    • Use the search function to find specific automs.

    • To include all available automs, click "Select All Autom."

    • Click "Add Pool" to create the queue pool.

Editing Queue Pool

Description: Modify the settings and contents of an existing queue pool.


  1. Edit Queue Pool:

    • Click on the "Edit" option under the actions column of the desired queue pool.

    • The edit pop-up will display the current settings and automs.

    • Make the necessary changes to the pool name, description, or included automs.

    • Click "Save" to update the queue pool.

Deleting Queue Pool

Description: Remove a queue pool that is no longer needed.


  1. Delete Queue Pool:

    • Click on the "Delete" option under the actions column of the queue pool to be deleted.

    • Confirm the deletion when prompted.

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