The Number library in Automate provides actions that facilitate operations related to numerical data within the automation process.

The purpose of the Number library is to offer functionalities to assign, convert, and generate random numbers efficiently.

What is Number?

The Number component allows users to manipulate numerical data seamlessly. It includes actions such as assigning values, converting numbers to strings, and generating random numbers within specified ranges.

Key Features

  • Assign:

    • Assign a numerical value to a number type variable.

  • Convert (to string):

    • Transform a number into a string with specified decimal precision.

  • Random Action:

    • Generate random numbers within defined ranges.

Usage of the Component


Description: The Assign action sets a numerical value to a number type variable.


  1. Value to Assign:

    • Enter the numerical value to assign.

    • This field accepts direct keyboard input or variable selection.

  2. Source to be Assigned:

    • Choose the variable where the assigned value will be stored.

    • Select from existing number type variables or create a new one.

Convert (to string)

Description: The Convert (to string) action changes a number to a string format with specified decimal precision.


  1. Enter a Number:

    • Input the number to convert to a string.

    • Enter directly or select from existing variables.

  2. Enter Number of Digits after Decimal:

    • Define the number of decimal places for the output.

  3. Assign the Output to Variable:

    • Choose the string variable to store the converted number.

Random Action

Description: The Random Action generates a random number within a specified range.


  1. Beginning of Range:

    • Enter the starting value of the range.

    • Must be a numeric value.

  2. End of Range:

    • Input the ending value of the range.

    • Must be a numeric value.

  3. Assign the Output to the Variable:

    • Select the variable to store the generated random number.

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