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The Stop Action in Autom Mate is a crucial tool for providing responses to external triggers upon completion of a flow. When a flow is initiated externally, such as through a webhook or API, it typically runs without automatically providing a response upon completion.

However, with the Stop Action, users can craft specific responses to be delivered once the flow has finished processing. This enables users to interact with external systems or users who initiated the flow, providing relevant information or acknowledgments.

The primary purpose of the Stop Action is to enable users to respond to external triggers, such as webhooks or APIs, with customized messages or data once a flow has completed its execution. It allows for seamless communication between the flow and external systems or users.

How to Use Features

Initiating Stop Action

  1. Select Stop Action:

    • Drag and drop the "Stop" action to the desired location within your flow.

  2. Configure Stop Action:

    • Customize the response type and content in the Stop Action configuration.

  3. Response Options:

    • The Stop Action offers six different response sections, each specifying the type of response to be returned.

Response Types

  1. No Data:

    • No data or response is returned.

  2. application/Json:

    • Returns a JSON-formatted response.

  3. application/xml:

    • Returns an XML-formatted response.

  4. text/plain:

    • Returns a plain text response.

  5. text/xml:

    • Returns an XML-formatted text response.

  6. text/html:

    • Returns an HTML-formatted response.

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