Alert Management


Alert Management is a vital system within Automate that facilitates the notification of users through various channels regarding events that may not be directly visible on-screen but require attention or intervention.

The primary purpose of Alert Management is to keep users informed about critical events or situations within the system, ensuring timely responses and actions.

What is Alert Management?

Alert Management comprises two core stages: Actioneer Profile and Alert Profile. These stages collectively enable the system to send notifications to users based on predefined rules and conditions.

Key Features

  • Actioneer Profile: Create notification channels such as email for alert notifications.

  • Alert Profile: Define rules for triggering alerts and associate them with specific actioneer profiles.

  • Dynamic Content: Customize alert messages with dynamic fields for detailed notifications.

Usage of the Component

Actioneer Profile

Description: Actioneer profiles list user-defined notification channels through which alerts are sent by the system.


  1. Edit Profile:

    • Click on the "Edit" option under the actions column of the desired profile.

    • Update the profile details as needed.

    • Click the "Save" button to apply the changes.

  2. Delete Operation:

    • To delete a profile, click the "Delete" option under the actions column.

    • Confirm the deletion by clicking the "Delete" button in the pop-up.

  3. Adding Actioneer Profile

Description: Create new notification channels for sending alerts to users.


  1. Create New Profile:

    • Click the "Add Actioneer Profile" button.

    • Fill in the required fields in the pop-up:

      • Name: Specify the name of the actioneer profile.

      • Description: Provide a brief description of the notification channel.

      • Type: Currently supports "email" notifications.

      • Host, Port, Sender, To, CC, Subject, Body: Configure email-specific settings.

    • Test the email configuration using the "Test E-mail" button.

    • Click the "Add" button to save the profile.

Alert Profile

Description: Alert profiles determine the conditions under which users will receive notifications.


  1. Edit Profile:

    • Click on the "Edit" option under the actions column of the desired profile.

    • Modify the profile settings as required.

    • Click the "Save" button to update the profile.

  2. Add Alert Profile:

    • Click the "Add Alert Profile" button.

    • Fill in the following fields in the pop-up:

      • Alert Name: Name of the alert profile.

      • Description: Description of the alert profile.

      • Rules: Select conditions for triggering alerts.

      • Select All/Custom: Choose to apply rules to all or selected automs.

      • Actioneer Profile: Select the notification channel (Actioneer Profile).

    • Click the "Add" button to create the alert profile.

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