The Settings page in Autom Mate provides administrators with the ability to configure global settings and personalize their experience. This guide outlines the steps to adjust settings such as language, date format, webserver ports, SSL certificate import, and mail server configurations.

Personalization Settings


  • Autom Mate currently supports the English language only.

Date Format:

  • Customize date formats for Autom runtime and error time display.

Port Configuration

Changing Ports and Enabling HTTPS:

  • Navigate to the Port menu to modify webserver, mate agent, or service ports.

  • Enable HTTPS access and import SSL certification using the following steps:

    1. Importing SSL Certificate:

      • Toggle the SSL button to enable SSL configuration.

      • Click on the "Choose File" button under SSL Certification.

      • Select the SSL certificate file from your system.

      • Enter the password associated with the SSL certificate.

      • Validate the certificate and password by clicking the "Validate" button.

Mail Server Configuration

Sending Notifications via Email:

  • Configure the settings to send alert and critical notifications to specific email addresses.

    • Server Name:

      • Enter the host address of the mail server.

    • PORT/SSL:

      • Specify the connection port for the mail server.

    • Example for GMAIL SMTP:

      • Host:

      • Port: 587 (with TLS enabled)

    • Sender Name:

      • Enter the name of the sender.

    • Sender Email Address:

      • Provide the "From" email address for outgoing mails.

    • Email Type:

      • Select SMTP or SMTPS as the email protocol.

    • Enable TLS:

      • Choose "Yes" or "No" to enable or disable TLS encryption.

    • Requires Authentication:

      • Check this option if authentication is needed.

      • Enter the username and email of the mail address.

    • Testing Email Sending:

      • To ensure proper configuration, test mail sending by entering a valid email address.

      • Click "Send a test mail" to send a test email to the specified address.

This guide provides administrators with the necessary steps to personalize settings and configure essential options such as language, date format, webserver ports, SSL certificate import, and mail server configurations within Autom Mate.

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