The SSH (Secure Shell) component in Autom Mate provides essential actions for secure data communication and remote access over networks. It enables users to establish encrypted connections, ensuring data integrity and minimizing security risks associated with remote access.

The purpose of the SSH component is to facilitate secure and automated interactions with remote systems, databases, applications, or services. It allows users to execute commands, transfer data, and manage remote systems securely.

What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol used for secure communication and remote access. It creates an encrypted connection between the client and server, providing a secure channel for data transmission and remote command execution.

Key Features

  • Secure Communication:

    • Establishes encrypted connections for secure data transmission.

  • Remote Access:

    • Allows users to remotely access and manage systems or services.

  • Authentication:

    • Provides authentication methods to ensure secure access.

  • Data Integrity:

    • Ensures data integrity during transmission and execution.

How To Use Action


Description : The Connect action enables users to establish SSH connections to remote systems, databases, or services.


  • User:

    • Enter the username for the SSH connection.

  • Password:

    • Enter the password for authentication.

  • Connection / Custom String:

    • Provide the host address or custom connection string.

  • Test Connection:

    • Verify the connection status.


Description: The Input action allows users to remotely input commands or data to a system or device using SSH.


  • File Path:

    • Specify the file path for input data.

  • Manual Input:

    • Manually enter input data or commands.

  • Assign Value to Variable:

    • Assign the input data or command result to a variable.

Run Command

Description: The Run Command action executes commands on remote systems or devices using SSH.


  • File Path:

    • Specify the file path for command execution.

  • Manual Input:

    • Manually enter the command to execute.

  • Assign Value to Variable:

    • Assign the command result to a variable.


Description: The Disconnect action terminates the SSH connection to remote hosts.


  • No Parameters:

    • Simply execute the action to close the SSH connection.

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