Architecture of Autom Mate

Architecture of Autom Mate

Autom Mate architecture is based on RPA & Integration platform. This architecture is combined with three components which are Autom Center Client Side & Autom Center Server Side & Mate Agent.

Autom Center is divided into two parts which are client side and server side. Client side contains flow designer and monitoring modules etc. Server side serves as communicating with database and mate agent interactions.

Mate Agent is agent-based server side and contains microservice infrastructure, gateway and library microservices.

Client side is easy to access by users or citizen developers. Basically, client side includes Autom Center capabilities which are user & role management, flow designer, monitoring, market place (autom store) and management modules. Backend operations are handled by separated service-side infrastructure built by Nodejs.

User triggers the flow from the UI and flow information sent to backend operation via REST API. Autom Center backend operation handles the request and completes pre processing phase to make the data available to handle from the Mate Agent side. Then the data transfers to the gateway via gRPC to distribute flow actions to the library microservices. Also, this communication handling by gRPC. Users are able to watch the process as real-time from the monitoring page shown on Autom Center.

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