The 'Variables' feature in Autom Mate provides users with a powerful tool for storing, manipulating, and transferring data within processes. It serves as a temporary storage unit during the execution of actions, enabling dynamic data handling.

The primary purpose of variables is to enhance workflow efficiency by enabling users to work with different data types, perform calculations, and store temporary results. They facilitate seamless interaction between various actions within a flow.

What are Variables?

Variables in Autom Mate act as placeholders for storing and processing data. They provide flexibility in working with different types of data and enable users to create dynamic processes.

Key Features

  • Array: Store sequential elements of the same type.

  • Boolean: Represent true or false values.

  • Data Table: Store data in a tabular format.

  • Date: Store date values.

  • Dictionary: Use key-value pairs for data storage.

  • Number: Handle numeric values for calculations.

  • Object: Refer to addresses of objects.

  • String: Store sequences of characters or text.

How To Use Features

Creating a Variable

Description: Creating a variable allows users to define a storage space for data within the flow.


  1. Open the variable section in the flow.

  2. Click on "Add New Variable."

  3. Select the Variable Type.

  4. Fill in the details:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Input, Output, Customizable options

  5. Click "Save."

Using Variables in Actions

Description: Utilize variables within actions to process, manipulate, or display data.


  • Enclose variable names between ## symbols.

    • Example: ##User_Info##

  • Access specific values inside data tables using indexes.

    • Example: ##Sales_Data[Product]##

Best Practices

Description: Follow best practices for variable naming, data integrity, and clear documentation.


  • Variable Naming:

    • Use descriptive names.

    • Follow a consistent naming convention.

  • Data Integrity:

    • Validate input data.

    • Ensure correct variable updates.

  • Clear Documentation:

    • Document variable purpose and usage.

Additional Tips

Use Cases

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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