Autom Center Installation

STEP 1: Download the AutomMate Autom Center Setup file from here.

STEP 2: Run the .exe file as administrator.

STEP 3: Click Next on the displayed wizard.

STEP 4: Select the installation type and, click Next.

STEP 5: Determined root where the exe is saved and, click Next

STEP 7: You can start to installation when the click "install button"

STEP 8: After the AutomMate is installed successfully, the following wizard will be displayed.

You can click Finish to close the wizard.

During the installation, the database and the web server of the application will be installed automatically and the specified installation directory will be created.

At the end of the installation go to https://localhost:443 first. There will be a Network Error visible and this action will start the backend. Then, go to https://localhost:8443 and login to Web interface.

Default Username: administrator

Defult Password: Aa123456!


We recommend to make the installation of the Autom Center and Mate Agent on a fresh server.

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