💾Installation Setup

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend to make the installation of the Autom Center and Mate Agent on a fresh server.

This page helps you overcome installing AutomMate and Mate Agent and starting Autom Mate and Mate Agent as a service. This page also provides step-by-step instructions for installation and minimum systems requirements for installation.

System Requirements:

This section provides a detailed explanation of the minimum system requirements necessary for the smooth operation of Autom Mate and Mate Agent. These requirements encompass factors such as the operating system, processor, memory, storage, and other crucial components.

System Requirements

Autom Center Installation

Autom Center is a key component of Autom Mate. This subsection offers a step-by-step guide on how to install Autom Center. It elaborates on each crucial step during the installation process and emphasizes any specific requirements that need attention.

Autom Center Installation

Mate Agent Installation

Mate Agent is a vital part of AutomMate, particularly used for managing distributed workloads. This subheading provides a detailed explanation of how to install and configure Mate Agent. It simplifies the installation and configuration processes clearly and understandably.

Mate Agent Installation

Application Installation

In the applications we use within Autom Mate, there may be prerequisite steps necessary to perform certain basic operations. In this section, you will access these prerequisites

WhatsApp Installation

Ms Teams Integration Installation

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