The Debug Operation in Autom Mate provides a powerful tool for identifying and resolving errors within your workflows. It allows you to pinpoint error cases within specific actions or throughout the entire flow, ensuring smooth execution of your processes.

The primary purpose of the Debug Operation is to facilitate error detection and monitoring within the flow. By utilizing the debugging console, users can easily track the behavior of actions, validate outputs, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during execution.

How To Use Features

Initiating Debug Process

  1. Click on the Debug Icon:

    • To apply the debug process, locate and click on the "black bug" icon in the upper-left part of the screen.

  2. Activate Debug Mode:

    • After clicking the bug icon, it changes to a red bug, indicating that the debug action can be performed.

  3. Debug Indicators:

    • Small black bugs will appear in the upper-left corners of all actions within the flow, indicating that they are included in the debugging process.

  4. Empty Console:

    • At the bottom of the flow chart, an empty console will appear, ready to display debug process results.

Running Debug Process

  1. Start Debugging:

    • Press the "Run" button at the top-right of the flow screen to begin the debugging process.

  2. Monitoring Action Execution:

    • As the debug process runs, a green light flashes with each action.

      • Green Light: Action executed without error.

      • Red Light: Error detected in the action.

  3. Error Details:

    • Click on the red light next to an action to view the error message associated with that action.

  4. Debugging Entire Flow:

    • If no specific action bug is selected, debugging will run for the entire flow.

  5. Debugging Specific Sections:

    • Click on a small bug next to an action to run the debug process up to that selected action.

Viewing Debug Results

  1. Console Display:

    • View the debug process results in the console at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Applying Filters:

    • Apply filters based on data to narrow down debug results and focus on specific aspects of the flow.

Additional Tips

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