What is AutomMate?

AutomMate is a web-based automation platform that is developed to help you create an automation process for ease of use by all types of users independent of technical level in the Cloud or On-Premises. It includes solutions that automate or integrate IT and business processes or applications.
AutomMate has ready to use library actions that meet all your business needs and are expanding every day. You can design your automation process to automate your manual process with these actions easily by using the drag-drop menu. This capability makes automation of all business processes easier, faster, and more cost-efficient. After developing your process, you can enable them with attended and unattended robots. Thus, you can get rid of the process that you do manually and routinely that do not add value to you.
Easier to Use
Automate your processes in minutes on the design center with a user-friendly interface. From RPA developers to business users, everybody can use Auto Center to design their company processes easily. Get started faster with ready library actions.
Drag-and-Drop Editor
Processes can be designed and run very quickly through the Drag-and-Drop Editor. You can drag the action that you want to use from the left menu to the design center.
%100 Web-Based
Start to automate instantly without installing any additional software applications from anywhere. Access easily from the browser and start to use.
No / Low Code Platform
Provides to design your process with no coding knowledge so everybody can use AutomMate. If you need a custom code integration, you can use Python, JavaScript, and PowerShell actions in your automation. You don't need to download a plugin to use them.
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