Components of AutomMate

This section mentions the components of AutomMate that are used to design and execute a process during automation.

Autom Center

Autom Center is the environment where management is provided, autom flows are designed, edited and monitoring is done. Autom Center consists of Autom, Dashboard, Monitoring, Libraries, Triggers, AI Lab, Management, Setting menus.


Autom is the automation where you design the processes you want to automate. Each Autom has unlimited actions that are combined to fulfill the automated process when the defined trigger event is generated. Automs are created, listed and edited under the Custom Autom menu and designed on the Autom Flow Designer.
Each Autom is associated with a Trigger to get started and a Mate agent to execute the designed flow. Additionally, Each Autom can have a webhook acceptance rule if its trigger type is webhook and an Alert Profile to notify certain people when Autom failed.
Each Autom has a unique flow ID that identifies and It can be found between the automs/ and /autom texts in the Autom URL.


Triggers are the initiator that executes an Autom. It allows Automs to run automatically when certain events occur in a specified application. When an Autom is created, a trigger type is selected for it to execute.
Trigger events can be set as schedules that are daily, hourly, weekly, once a week, and more. Additionally, Trigger events can be set in the applications when a specific event happens. Specific events can be "a ticket is created by VIP user" or "an alarm is created by ITOM application" or "new order is created".

Mate Agent

Mate Agent is agent-based software. It is responsible for executing atoms designed to automate repetitive tasks in the background without the need for user assistance or manual triggering.
A Mate agent can execute unlimited Autom at the same time regardless of how long the working time is. Mate Agents can be downloaded and viewed under the Mate Agent menu.
Mate Agent Info Page