The Settings page enables administrators to adjust global and personalization settings such as importing SSL certificate, changing UI language or webserver port.


This section is about personal settings and changes to affect users.
  • Language: Autom Mate supports just English languages
  • Date Format: Date formats such as autom runtime and error time format can be changed under this heading.


Under this menu, can be able to change the ports of the webserver, mate agent or service. Additionally, it can enable HTTPS access and import SSL certification.
To import SSL certification;
  • Switch on the SSL button,
  • Under SSL Certification, Click the Choose File button and Select SSL certificate.
  • After choosing the SSL certificate, Enter the password of the certificate.
  • To ensure if the password is correct or the certificate is valid, click the Validate button.

Mail Server

This setting is used to send mail to specific mail addresses for alert and critical notifications.
  • Server Name: Enter the host address.
  • PORT/SSL: Enter the connection port.
Host Address and Port for example;
Port is 587, and TLS is enabled.
  • Sender Name: Enter sender name .
  • Sender E-mail Adress: Enter the From Mail Address to which the mail will be sent.
  • E-mail Type: Select SMTP or SMTPS.
  • Enable TLS: Select Yes or No.
  • Requires Authentication: If authentication is required, Check this option and enter the username and mail of mail address.
  • Test E-Mail Address: To test mail sending, enter a valid email address and click the "Send a test mail" to send a test mail to the address.