Automs page has 2 important sub pages; Custom Autom and Installed Automs.

Custom Autom

Custom Autom Menu is the automation where you design, edit, and execute the processes you want to automate. Automs are created, listed and edited under the Custom Autom tabs.

Installed Autom

Installed Autom
Ready-to-use bots downloaded from the Marketplace are listed in this section. Fields in this list;
  • status: Shows the status of the bot (active or inactive)
  • name: Shows the bot's name
  • active version: Shows the last updated version of the bot
  • integration type: Shows the working nature of the bot (scheduled, triggered or standart)
  • creator: Shows who created the bot
  • created date: Shows when the bot was created
  • edit: If the user wants to make updates on the downloaded bot or see the flow structure, he clicks on the "
    " icon and the user is directed to the flow designer screen.