Mate Agent

Mate agents are responsible for executing atoms designed to automate repetitive tasks in the background without the need for user assistance or manual triggering. A Mate agent can execute unlimited Autom at the same time regardless of how long the working time is.
There is a list of agents listed. Fields in this list;
  • Status: Specifies the status of the agent
  • Device Name: Shows agent name
  • Agent User: Shows who created the agent
  • Default Device: It shows whether it is used as the default device. If it is the default device it will print 1 otherwise it will print 0
  • Local Devices: Does it show local device
  • Created At Shows the date it was created

Delete Operation

Delete Operation
  • The selected link can be deleted by clicking the square icon in the list and clicking the trash can in the upper right corner.
  • If bulk deletion is desired, click on the square sign on the far left in the section of the title, select all the links on the 1st page (usually 10) and delete them when you click on the trash can.

1. Customize View

This allows you to customize the columns in the list

2. Filter

It allows you to filter the connections by specifying the desired conditions in the Filter Table. Arranges the list according to the titles you have selected.
This filter can keep or delete columns based on the logical conditions specified in the wizard.
You can use the Mate Agent page in the menu to view detailed information about agents (mates) for the work. To find mates with their details, you should use the search option on the right side.
  1. 1.
    It is on the Left Menu, click the My Mates
  2. 2.
    Click the "
    " button to search mate(s).
  3. 3.
    Enter the mate info that you want to find.

4. Make a Default

When the product is first installed, an agent is installed so that processes can be run. This agent is directly selected as the default agent and flows run on this agent.
The user can download their own agents if they wish. Thus, there may be more than one agent on the list. In this case;
  • First selects the relevant agent by clicking the "
  • Then you can change the default agent by clicking the "
    " button.
  • The value of the default agent in the "
    " column changes from 0 to 1. Thus, the agent is changed.
  • Only one default agent can be defined.
Make a Default

5. Download Mate

Where to download the Mate agent. Allows downloading a new different agent. This agent has ".exe" extension.