It is the module in which processes related to the user and their privileges are carried out in AutomMate. You can use the Management module to do the following tasks.

1. Users

It is the section where user operations (e.g. adding new users) are executed.

2. Roles

This is the section where the authorizations of the users are determined.

3. Connection Pool

Connection Pools is a central interface that allows you to manage all the connection methods of your automation center.

4. Webhook Rule

Webhook is the triggering of events that occur in the application so that different applications can integrate with each other with JSON payloads over HTTP and other applications that subscribe to them.
It is the section where webhook rules are managed and created. The menu on the left is also located under the management heading.

5. Queue Management

Pools are created and managed, allowing user-specified automs to run in a specific order

6. Alert Management

It is ensured that instant notifications are received about the situations that cannot be intervened by the user in the system and that these notifications are sent via the desired channel, and the sent notifications are followed.