Custom Autom

Custom Autom page is under Automs Menu with Libraries page. The page enables users to list and edit their flows and processes. Users can filter, sort and delete autom flows and processes. Autom is the flows that you design your processes using the necessary actions.
Autom List
These fields are there in the list;
  • Status: The state of the autom is determined. As active or passive
  • Name: The name of the autom is included
  • Type: The type of autom is shown
  • Integration Type: The type of autom is shown according to its working state.
  • Creators: Shows who created the autom
  • Creator Date: Shows when created the autom

1. New Autom

Used to create a new autom

2. Customize View

You can select columns to list on the Custom Autom page.

3. Filter

Enables you to filter automs by specifying conditions in the Filter Table. The filter consists of values and fields.
If you enter values in 2 fields, the system will logically connect these values with the operator. This filter can keep or delete columns according to the logical conditions that are specified in the wizard.
You can use the Custom Autom page in the Automs menu to view detailed information about existing automs. To find a autom with their details, you should use the search option on the right side.
  1. 1.
    Under Automs on the Left Menu, click the Custom Autom.
  2. 2.
    Click "
    " the button to search autom(s).
  3. 3.
    Enter the autom info that you want to find.