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How to Integrate WhatsApp to Autom Mate via 360Dialog?

Since Whatsapp is one of the most preferred communication channel today, companies are considering digitizing some of their processes by using the WhatsApp application in their business lives.In this case, WhatsApp has launched Whatsapp business, an application that allows businesses to communicate with their customers via WhatsApp. Businesses can send personalized messages to their customers, answer customer questions, and perform other customer service tasks using their WhatsApp Business account.Features of WhatsApp Business include automatic replies, predefined messages, dashboards, chatbots, and other tools. Businesses can improve the customer experience, build customer loyalty, and sell more by using these features.

So what kind of architecture does WhatsApp business have to perform all these operations?

WhatsApp Business architecture is built on top of the same infrastructure as the regular WhatsApp application. It uses a client-server model where the WhatsApp Business app on a user's device communicates with WhatsApp's servers to exchange messages and other information.

The WhatsApp Business API differs from traditional REST APIs in that it requires installation and management of the WhatsApp Business API Client. As an official WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider, we will handle the installation, hosting, and maintenance of this client for you. Once set up, the WhatsApp Business API client can communicate with WA servers in a manner that is end-to-end encrypted. To integrate with this system, you can use our API endpoints. The WhatsApp Business API Client comprises several Docker containers, database, and media volumes, as depicted in the accompanying image.

Follow the steps below to integrate WhatsApp into Autom Mate via 360Dialog.

1) Facebook Business Manager Activation

First, you need to activate Facebook Business Manager to get your Facebook Business Manager ID. So, please create an account from Facebook Business Manager by following the steps in the flowchart below.Please do not activate your 360dialog account before completing your Facebook Business Manager activation steps.

How Activated Facebook Business Manager

1)Create Business Manager Account

  • Fiil in the blanks about your information

  • Submit

2) Adding People

  • Go to โ€œSettingsโ€

  • You have to choose employee access or admin access

  • invite them

  • The person will get an invitation to join your Business Manager in their email

3) Two-Factor Authentication

  • Go to Business Info

  • Go to Business Options

  • Click the drop down menu next to Two-Factor authentication

  • Select Admins only or everyone to choose who this requirement applies to.

4) Confirm Your Identity

  • Go to Settings

  • Click confirm your identity and get started

5) Verify your business in Business Manager

  • Start verification

  • Enter your business details

  • Confirm your business details

  • Enter your verification code

  • Submit

Users who previously received web chat service from a different provider with the same WhatsApp number should delete their WhatsApp account before 360dialog integration. If you need detailed information about how to delete your WhatsApp account, please visit here.If you want to keep your web chat history, please do not forget to back up your WhatApp chats before deleting your account! If you need detailed information about how to save your chat history, please visit here.

2) 360dialog Account Activation

360dialog is a customer communications platform provider that integrates with the WhatsApp Business API. It is a solution that is constantly developed and updated to meet the needs of customers. For example, businesses can quickly respond to customer requests and leverage features such as predefined messages, automatic replies, and chatbots to communicate with their customers more effectively.There are two types of activation methods in 360dialog. One of them is for customers using classic sign up for the first time. The other is for customers porting numbers from different providers.

Classical Signup

For Classic Signup, the customer needs to obtain the WhatsApp Business API account submission form themselves. You can check the link.

Number Porting Signup

For Number Porting Signup, WhatsApp Business API account submission form need to be filled in by going to the address โ€œhttps://hub.360dialog.com/lp/migrate/... โ€ given to you by the Autom Mate team.

After activating your 360dialog account, you will receive a Messaging On Behalf request e-mail from Facebook.

You need to accept the โ€œMessaging On Behalfโ€ request in your Facebook Business Manager.

  • Click on the link in your e-mail.

  • After logging in to your Facebook Business Manager, click Business Settings.

  • Click Requests.

  • In Received, find the request, and click Approve.

If you need more information about approving the request, please visit here.

3) Number Registration

After your WhatsApp Business Account Status and Message On Behalf are approved and your Facebook Business Account is verified, you need to register the trigger.

You can apply following steps;

  • Click the Trigger Registration button for your WhatsApp account, which is displayed as draft on the WhatsApp Accounts page on the 360dialog.

  • Choose a verification method and click the Send Registration Code.

  • Click Finish Registration.

  • Enter your Verification Code and click Save to finish trigger registration.

4) Generate API Key

After the number is succesfully registered, you need to generate your 360 WhatsApp API key.

You can apply following steps;

  • Click the Generate API Key button on WhatsApp Account page.

  • Click the Generate API Key on pop-up.

  • Copy the API Key and Address.

Please keep the API key and address in a secure place and share them with us for Autom Mate integration and activation.

5) Autom Mate Integration and Activation

To use WhatsApp in Autom Mate;

  • First, a flow is created.

  • The flow is designed by dragging and dropping the actions of the whatsapp library under the app category in the menu on the left between the โ€œstart and stopโ€ actions within the flow screen.

  • In order to use actions such as โ€œbutton and list, the scope action of those actions must first be dragged and then added to the relevant actionโ€. For example, if we want to use a list action, first the list scope is dragged and dropped, and then the list action is added to this scope action. โ€The system does not allow adding outside the scope.โ€

  • The actions to be taken in the relevant actions are designed in the configuration form field on the right.

  • Credential selection must be made before filling in the required information here.

Credential selection

There are 2 different ways to create a Credential in Autom Mate.

First way is;

It is entered into the vault field under the management category in the left main menu.

After accessing this page, previously created credentials will be displayed or

New one can be created by clicking the "new credential" button.

Since we want to create a credential for WhatsApp, WhatsApp is found and selected from within the applications.

In the window that opens, the relevant fields are filled and saved. These areas are;

  • Connector Name: Connection name is entered

  • Authentication Type: Since WhatsApp Business API integration is provided from 360 dialog, 360dialog is selected as the Authentication type.

  • API Key: API key is entered

The second way is;

To create the new credential in the credential selection field in the configuration form on the right in the flow design screen. If you choose to do this, it will direct you to the screen you see in the picture below and you will not need to choose the application as in the first step, since the credential you will create for whatsapp is specified in the configuration form.

This document has been prepared for a better understanding of โ€œhow WhatsApp integration is carried outโ€, and you can contact us for any unclear to better understand

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