Mate Agent Installation

Mate agents are responsible for executing atoms designed to automate repetitive tasks in the background without the need for user assistance or manual triggering.
STEP 1: Download the Mate Agent Setup file on the My Mates menu in Autom Center.
STEP 2: Run the MateAgent.exe file as administrator.
STEP 3: Click Install on the displayed wizard.
STEP 4: Click Next on the displayed wizard.
STEP 5: After accepting the license agreement, click Next.
STEP 6: Enter the AutomCenter Url to access. If you install Mate Agent to the same server with Autom Center, you can enter localhost. After entering AutomCenter URL, click Next.
STEP 7: Check for the correct application settings to proceed with the installation. If you need to change the installation configuration, click Back. If the installation configuration is correct, click Next.
STEP 8: After the Mate Agent is installed successfully, the following wizard will be displayed.
You can select to Show the Windows Installer log and click Finish to close the wizard.