Autom Store

Autom (Flow) Store is a platform where the RPA community can share customized and optimized workflows for processes. This platform enables users to share or market their self-developed workflows with others.

On the Autom Store, you can download ready-made bots, as well as access the libraries you have created, ready-made bots, and use them to flow in your process designs.

Autom Store page is accessible from the main AutomMate web page. You can download and use ready-made bots on the Autom Store page.

This window contains basic information about the bot. When you click on its content, you can get more detailed information.

Get Automs

When you enter a bot in the market, when you click on the download button in the upper left corner, that bot will be accessible for you to use.

How to use a bot you have downloaded is explained on the setup page.


The version contains update information about that autom. Thus, the desired autom can be used with the latest updated version by changing the version.

The downloaded automs can be found in the 'Downloaded Automs' section under

"My Environment - Automs"

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