📈Run the Flow

The "Run to Flow" section focuses on two critical aspects that enable you to monitor and control your automation in real-time:

Flow Monitoring and Alert Monitoring. These two topics are pivotal in guiding and enhancing your business processes.

  • Flow Monitoring allows you to closely observe your existing automation workflows and evaluate their performance. By continuously tracking the effectiveness of your workflows, you can swiftly identify and rectify any issues or delays.

  • Alert Monitoring is used to monitor events in your systems and receive immediate alerts regarding critical situations. It serves as a vital tool for detecting potential issues and taking rapid action.

This section is of utmost importance for users who wish to enhance the performance of their automation, identify issues in advance, and fortify their workflows.

Containing essential information to help you monitor and steer your automation more closely and effectively, this section empowers you to maximize the success of your automation.

Get ready to dive into this section to scrutinize your workflows and make them more efficient!

Flow Monitoring

Alert Monitoring

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