Variables Component

What are Variables and why are they used?

Answer: Variables are features used to temporarily store and process data or information within the system. They enable users to manage and manipulate data dynamically during the execution of processes. They are used to enhance flexibility and efficiency in workflows.

How can I create a new Variable?

Answer: To create a new Variable:

  1. Open the Variable section within the flow.

  2. Click on the "Add New Variable" button.

  3. Select the desired Variable Type (Array, Boolean, Data Table, Date, Dictionary, Number, Object, String).

  4. Provide a name, description, and configure the variable as needed.

  5. Click the "Save" button to create the Variable.

What is the syntax for using Variables within flow actions?

Answer: To use a Variable within a flow action, enclose the variable name between two # symbols (e.g., ##Variable_Name##). For example, if you have a Variable named "User_Info," you would use it as ##User_Info## within an action.

How do I retrieve a value from an Array Variable?

Answer: To retrieve a value from an Array Variable, specify the index of the desired element within square brackets. For example, ##User_List[2]## will retrieve the third element from the 'User_List' array.

Can I edit Variables after they are created?

Answer: Yes, Variables can be edited after they are created. Simply access the Variable within the flow or process, make the necessary changes, and save the updates.

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