Desktop Actions

What is the Desktop Actions library used for?

Answer: The Desktop Actions library within the Desktop Recorder menu of Mate Agent enables users to automate computer actions performed by end-users. This includes tasks such as accessing websites, clicking specific areas with the mouse, entering data, and more.

How can I add Desktop Actions to my flow?

Answer: To add Desktop Actions to your flow:

  1. Access the list of actions from three different locations: Autom Workspace, Desktop Screen Preview, or Desktop Recorder.

  2. Click on the "DESKTOP ACTIONS" button in the respective location.

  3. Add desired actions to the flow by clicking on them.

What is the initial step for UI automation using Desktop Actions?

Answer: The initial step for UI automation using Desktop Actions is to add a "Scope" action to define the scope of actions within the automation flow. Configure the waiting time and start the recording process as needed.

What are some common use cases for Desktop Actions?

Answer: Common use cases for Desktop Actions include:

  • Automating repetitive tasks such as form filling.

  • Extracting data from websites or applications.

  • Performing UI testing and validation.

  • Creating workflows for data entry and processing.

How do I simulate mouse clicks using Desktop Actions?

Answer: To simulate a mouse click on a UI element, use the "Find & Click" action. This action locates and interacts with a UI element by clicking on it, simulating user interaction.

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